Experience with All That Jazz

I work for the producer company and dance school All That Jazz from 2012 till today. 

Un Paseo por Hollywood (2012)

Audiovisual Production

Presented May 15-18, 2012 at the Alberto Saavedra Pérez Municipal Theater in La Paz, Bolivia

A selection of soundtracks from the most successful films of recent years, performed live, and accompanied by a cast of dancers from the dance company formed at the All That Jazz dance school. Production, direction and choreography by Erika Ayala and Ana Espinoza.

Alejandra made the production and reproduction of the audiovisual material (28 videos in total) that would be shown during the presentation, each video had to show summary of each film to which tribute was provided. In addition to filming in closed circuit of the event.

POPERA (2013)

Audiovisual Production

Presented from 24 to the 28 of April of 2013 at the Alberto Saavedra Pérez Municipal Theatre and the Theatre of the Calvert School in La Paz, Bolivia

A new proposal by All That Jazz Producciones, which brings a fusion of contemporary popular music and operates, in the style imposed by the three tenors (Pavaroti, Carreras and Domingo) and that today is imposed on the main stages of the world with performers such as Andrea Bochelli, Il Divo, IlVolo, Celine Dion and other greats of music. More than 40 talented Bolivian artists: live music under the direction of Cristian Asturizaga, renowned solo singers, Claudia Barrón, Diana Azero, Claudia Moscoso, Mauricio Clavijo, Diego Dávalos and Angel Viscarra, and the professional dance company "All That Jazz" under the General Directorate of Ana Espinoza and Erika Ayala.

Alejandra was in charge of the reproduction of the audiovisual material (23 videos in total) that would be shown during the presentation, using the ARKAOS program.


Audiovisual Production

Presented from December 21 to 22, 2013 at the Calvert School Theater in La Paz, Bolivia

A Christmas show for the whole family that blends contemporary popular music and operates, which brings together the Christmas melodies of the world repertoire and traditional Christmas carols of Bolivia. With professional singers, dance body of the All That Jazz dance company and captive visual effects.

Alejandra made the production and reproduction of the audiovisual material (24 videos in total) that would be shown during the presentation, using the program RESOLUME ARENA.

LES MISERABLES, the musical (2014)

Audiovisual Production, Assistant Stage Director, Assistant Stage Manager

Presented from May 14 and 15, 2014 at the Alberto Saavedra Pérez Municipal Theater and from May 16 to 18 of the same year at the Calvert School Theater in La Paz, Bolivia. Due to the success he had two other functions on August 2 and 3, 2014 at the Calvert College Theater.

The successful musical, which has been rated as the favorite among the public on stages around the world, with more than 65 million viewers and 28 consecutive years on stage was the proposal of the general directors Erika Ayala and Ana Espinoza. 

Inspired by Victor Hugo's novel, the work tells a story of redemption, of the eternal struggle between good and evil, justice and law, with the background of a nation on the verge of a revolution. "It is a universal and timeless testament to the survivability of the human spirit," says Espinoza, who highlights the high demand for vocal and acting quality in the cast. "It's been several years that we have been dreaming of producing this musical, that we are sure constitutes an important leap in the level of scenic production in our environment," she added.

This production was one of the largest and the second musical that All That Jazz Producciones produced since 2011 (We Will Rock You, Bolivia). A personal inspiration for the Directors. After living this musical in large theaters outside Bolivia, ensuring his vocation to dedicate himself not only to the art of dance, but to the Direction and Production of performing arts, making it possible in Bolivia to stage this great work.

In this production Alejandra not only coordinated the audiovisuals that would be used to complete the scenography of the musical but also in stage direction assistance and behind-the-scenes coordination.

2014-08-03 22.30.15.jpg

NOTRE DAME DE PARIS, the musical (2015-2106)

Assistant Producer, light management, promotional audiovisual production

Presented from September 23 and 24, 2015 at the Alberto Saavedra Pérez Municipal Theater and from October 3 and 4 of the same year at the Calvert School Theater in La Paz, Bolivia.

A 100% sung musical, with an orchestra ensemble, singers and dancers, in addition to a stage and stage work that promises a great scenic display. The staging has 40 artists including dancers, musicians and singers, and a team of lights, sound and stage of more than 20 technicians. The musical direction is in charge of the renowned violinist Christian Asturizaga. He is accompanied by soloists Mauricio Clavijo, Yamaris Tomás, Andrea Camacho, Diego Dávalos, Diana Azero (Ela Mercado took his place for the TOUR), Luis Fernando Revollo and Bismarck Barrientos (Franz S. Rojas took his place for the TOUR).


Due to the success, a TOUR was carried out in La Paz on May 14 and 15, 2016 at the Calvert College Theater and in Santa Cruz on May 20, 21 and 22 of the same year at the Eagles school theater.

On both occasions, Alejandra worked the promotional audiovisual material:

  • Official promotional spot for social networks and television media

  • Cast Introduction

  • Cast Invitations

  • Promotional videos

 Some examples below:

As a production assistant, he was in the process of developing and translating the script, casting and supervision during rehearsals, co-directing some scenes with the directors. She also debuted as director of lights for the show, was in charge of every detail in the choice of environments, colors and intentions for the musical and worked in conjunction with light designer Gonzalo Gardeazabal.



Assistant Producer, light management, promotional audiovisual production, communication strategist

Presented from September 4 and 5, 2016 at the Alberto Saavedra Pérez Municipal Theater and from September 9 to 11 of the same year at the Calvert School Theater in La Paz, Bolivia.
"Rock of Ages" will make a difference, reliving the best of 80's rock. The band was formed by Ivan Guzman, Nico Mavrich, Marcelo Montaño, Rolo Pereira directed by Luis Garcia. Starring Andrea Camacho in the role of Sherrie, Luis Fernando Revollo in the role of Drew, Yamaris Tomas, Montserrat Arce, Marcos Arandia, Diego Dávalos, Felipe Saenz, Juan Manuel Carrasco, Flavia Meyer, Ela Mercado, Sergio Lopez, all directed by Mauricio Clavijo who also plays the role of Stacee Jaxx, everyone sings, acts and dances live.


As a production assistant, a different communication strategy was proposed, giving greater emphasis to social networks without losing the promotion in mass media such as TV, radio, newspaper and external media (billboards, banners, flyers and billboards). The slogan is also created: "More than a show, it is an experience".

As a new advertising experiment, the development of "Flashmob" is proposed in a public space with good results. The strategy proved to be successful and it began to be used for the following productions with some modifications depending on the project.

In addition to this show, audiovisuals were made that will be complemented with the scenery and videos of interactive lyrics that translated the songs that were sung in the musical, since they were in English and the public speaks Spanish.

The direction of lights was in charge of Alejandra and the design in charge of Gonzalo Gardeazabal.


Audiovisual Production and Assistant Producer

Presented on March 18 and 19, 2017 at the Calvert School Theater in La Paz, Bolivia.
A show reliving the best of disney with singers, musicians and live dance. It is from this project that the promotional audiovisual material, the official arts, the production of audiovisuals for the reproduction during the show and the direction of lights are made as part of the production assistance work.

EL REGRESO, Bolivian Musical (2018-2019)

Audiovisual Production and Assistant Producer

Presented first on November 29 and 30 and December 1, 2018, then on March 15, 16 and 17, 2019 at the Alberto Saavedra Perez Municipal Theater. from La Paz, Bolivia.
First Bolivian Musical entitled "EL REGRESO" (The Return) that not only reminded us of the most wonderful and most exciting musical pieces of our Bolivia, but also introduced us to people who had fun pubic, made them cry and why not ?, fall in love even more with from the wonderful country of Bolivia.


For this show, the visuals that helped set the stage were worked. Additionally, promotional arts and the main spot edition were carried out along with other promotional videos.


Audiovisual Production

Presented on September 6, 7 and 8, 2019 at the Michael Donahue Theater of the Calvert College of La Paz, Bolivia.
A show with the participation of the Chuquiago Marka Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Cristian Asturizaga with almost 40 musicians on stage, a dozen singers and more than 20 dancers, who fell in love and transported the viewer on an imaginary journey through the most successful scenes of Broadway musicals, such as Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Super Star, Evita, Cats, Chicago and The Violinist on the Roof, among others.

For this show the official promotional spot was made for all virtual and outdoor television platforms. Additionally, the production of visuals that help to set the scenery of the show was made.


Community manager and production of audiovisual material

From 2016 onwards, continuously work as community manager of all social networks of All That Jazz Producciones and the dance school, in addition to the creation of promotional graphic and audiovisual material.

To date, the alliance with All That Jazz is maintained for assistance in their productions and production of graphic and audiovisual materials for both the producer and the dance school.