AR PRODUCTIONS is a production company. The main function is the production of events and audiovisual material, whether corporate or homemade. It also offers services of Creative Direction, filming, video editing and delivery of personalized packages of events. We offer products and services.


It started as a single edition of graphic arts for fan club in Lima, Peru in 2008. A whole package of stationery and merchandise was made as letterheads, personalized bag, card, personalized cards, calendar, credentials and personalized posters.

Then the hobby of editing home videos became part of the service offered. Videos were made for fan clubs and then for school teachers. Soon, from home videos, more professional videos were made for all the fan clubs belonging to Universal Group and filming training was started by the multimedia team of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Miraflores (IACyM), Lima Peru.

The video editing and event filming skills improved thanks to the training provided by the IACyM. Graphic design skills were obtained through training by the creative director of the Demi Lovato fan club team in Peru, which offered special workshops. At the end of the workshops, we proceeded to cooperate in the necessary designs for club and artist advertising. These tasks ended in 2011, when Alejandra had to move to La Paz, Bolivia.

In 2012 is when it begins to make audiovisual for the company All That Jazz Producciones (ATJ) in La Paz, Bolivia. Videos that will help identify the film that was paid tribute in the show called "A Walk through Hollywood."

After this work, the service for the audiovisuals of each show was contracted until today. It has varied depending on the project and not only took care of the audiovisuals, but also reached the position of Production Assistant. To see in more detail the experience with ATJ click here

In June 2013 Alejandra attended a three-month workshop of English-Spanish director Ian Pons Jewell. Thanks to the workshop, video editing, handling of the Adobe Premiere program, filming and direction improved a lot.

In 2014, Alejandra produced and directed a short film called "Images". A crime and suspense story focused on a couple who lives in a city where a woman killer turns their lives around. The filming lasted four days and the edition of the short film plus sound mixing lasted a week and a half. The presentation was made in the auditorium of the Bolivian Private University (UPB) on December 19.

AR Productions | Diseno Grafico

In addition, in 2014 he worked with a company specialized in mapping projection "Close Up" where he acquired knowledge of software such as Resolume Arena and Adobe After Effects.

On November 12, 2015, Alejandra was in charge of the direction and production of the institutional event of Banco Fie S.A. at the Illimani Auditorium of the Chuquiago Marka Fairground. The service offered included the management and production of structures, lighting, LED screens and sound equipment. In addition he was in charge of coordinating with the Folkloric Ballet of La Paz "Bafopaz" for his requirements of the presentation to be made.

AR Productions | Manejo de Eventos
AR Productions | Produccion de Eventos

That same year started working with the singer "Sibah" for the movement of female singers "Nosotras somos" (We are) creating an introductory audiovisual of the singers of that year and the filming and editing of the event. This movement was worked for the next three consecutive years.

On December 19, 2015, we worked creating audiovisuals and an introductory video for the concert of the Bolivian singer "Mayra Gonzales" where she released his album "Árbol de la vida" (Tree of life).

Arbol de la vida - mayra gonzales.jpg

At the end of 2016, Alejandra worked for the Vintage advertising agency (VTG) Pubicity, where he acquired knowledge about basic animation and improved a lot in graphic design. Managing Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, premiere, InDesign and After effects programs very well.

2017 worked for the company MESPEC creating material and managing social networks. In addition to that, creation of advertising material Above the line (ATL) and stationery.

AR Productions | Diseno Grafico
AR Productions | Diseno Grafico

From 2018 to the present it is proposed to expand in personnel due to the increase in demand.

In the year 2019, he obtained his first production of a musical work in the city of London called "Dawn of Silence", being the first major international event in which Alejandra is involved as a producer.

AR Productions | Diseno Grafico

For that reason, AR PRODUCTIONS proposes to carry out the production and coordination of events, filming and editing of videos, graphic design and management of social networks as well as the production of material for it. As an objective it is intended to support Bolivian artists by promoting artists of all kinds, offering prices and special offers in corporate identity packages and material they need.

No matter what the idea you have or dream about, our mission is to produce it.